New Releases, March 8, 2012


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New Releases added to the KBOO Library the week of March 8, 2012

Here's what we've added to the KBOO Library the week of March 8th! Thanks to the folks for sending them to us!


Lynne Arriale                Solo                    Motema    Jazz
Clayton Cameron            Here’s to the Messengers        self prod    Jazz
Carter Calvert                and the Roger Cohen Trio        self prod    Jazz
Chano Dominguez            Flamenco Sketches            Blue Note    Jazz
Bill Harris Quintet            Inside-Out                Pensativa    Jazz
Vijay Iyer Trio                Accelerando                Act    Jazz
Halie Joren                Heart First                Justin Time    Jazz
Simon Nabatov            Songs of Herbie Nichols        Leo    Jazz
Alan Rosenthal            Just Sayin                self prod    Jazz
Hiroe Sekine                After the Rainfall            Sekaimusic    Jazz
Cathy Segal                Bohemian                DHR    Jazz
Esperanza Spalding            Radio Music Society            Heads Up    Jazz
Lijadu Sisters    Mother Africa    Knitting Factory    Africa, contemporary
James, Nathan & The Rhythm Scratchers    What You Make Of It    Delta Groove    blues, urban
Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore    Longtime Friends in the Blues    Delta Groove    blues, urban
Behold the Profit    Self-titled    Self-released    electronica
Ciani, Ssuzanne    Self-titled    B-Music    electronica
Friedman, Burnt    Bokoboko    Nonplace    electronica
VCMG aka Vince Clarke & Martin Gore    SSSS    Mute    electronica
Ambarchi, Oren    Audience of One    Touch    experimental
Fischer, Marcus    Collected Dust    Tench    experimental
Mangled Bohemians    Nights in Heldonia    Aphonia    experimental
Woven Tide    Of the Sun    Experimedia    experimental
Atomic Duo    Broadsides    Self-released    folk, contemporary
Gilewitz, Richard    Tasmania Live    Self-released    folk, contemporary
I See Hawks in L.A.    New Kind of Lonely    Western Seeds    folk, contemporary
McCool, Trip    The Traveler    Thinking Dog    folk, contemporary
McGraw, Dave & Mandy Fer    Seed of a Pine    Self-released    folk, contemporary
Rawling, Jenn    Take the Air    Self-released    folk, contemporary
Selcer, Kenny    Don't Forget About Me    Self-released    folk, contemporary
Vandersteel, Mariel    Hickory    Self-released    folk, contemporary
Weiss, Anne    Where Folk Gets The Blues    Potter Street    folk, contemporary
Speech Debelle    Freedom of Speech    Big Dada    hiphop
Spoek Mathambo    Father Creeper    Sup Pop    hiphop
Chitra, K.S.    Self-titled    B-Music    India
1,000 Fuegos    Self-titled    Self-released    Latin Rock
Juanita y Los Lobos    Pesidilla Adulta    Munster    Latin Rock
Traffic Sound    Virgin    Munster    Latin Rock
Sly & Robbie    Blackwod Dub    Groove Attack    reggae
Ava Luna    Ice Level    Infinite Best    Rock (alt/punk)
Ceremony    200    Matador    Rock (alt/punk)
Dirty Dishes    The Most Tarnished Birds    Self-released    Rock (alt/punk)
Duologue    A-B    Self-released    Rock (alt/punk)
Herzog    Cartoon Violence    Exit    Rock (alt/punk)
Kills, The    Last Goodbye    Domino    Rock (alt/punk)
Magnetic Fields    Love at the Bottom of the Sea    Merge    Rock (alt/punk)
Men, The    Open Your Heart    Sacred Bones    Rock (alt/punk)
Nite Jewel    One Second of Love    Secretly Canadian    Rock (alt/punk)
Prinzhorn Dance School    Clay Class    DFA    Rock (alt/punk)
Sleigh Bells    Reign of Terror    Mom & Pop    Rock (alt/punk)
Tuurd    I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty    Carbon    Rock (alt/punk)
Wire    The Black Session    Pink Flag    Rock (alt/punk)
Xray Eyeballs    Splendor Squalor    Kanine Recess    Rock (alt/punk)
Age/Sex/Occupation    This Side of the Fence    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
Bird, Andrew    Break it Yourself    Mom & Pop    Rock (oldies)
Blvd. Park    The Sound    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
Cohen, Leonard    Old Ideas with New Friends    Sony Legacy    Rock (oldies)
Cuff the Duke    Morning Comes    Paper Bag    Rock (oldies)
Earle, Justin Townes    Nothing's Goona Change the Way You Feel About Me    Bloodshot    Rock (oldies)
French, Pilar    Deliver    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
Gabriel & The Hounds    Kiss Full of Teeth    Ernest Jenning    Rock (oldies)
Kay, Nila    Serial Love    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
Klein, Jess    Behind a Veil    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
New Country Rehab    Self-titled    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
O'Connor, Jennifer    I Want What You Want    Kiam    Rock (oldies)
O'Connor, Sinead    How About I Be Me (and you be you)?    One Little Indian    Rock (oldies)
Ramblin' Ambassadors    Ramble On    Mint    Rock (oldies)
Steel Wheels    Lay Down Lay Low    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
World's Finest    Pattern    Self-released    Rock (oldies)
Fields, Lee & The Expressions    Faithful Man    Truth & Soul    soul