KBOO Policies


KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.


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I. Foundation Policies--Values

    1.    Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

    23.    Programming Charter

    68.    KBOO House Rules

I. Foundation Policies--Legal Requirements

    13.    Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan

    34.    Obscenity/Indecency

I. Foundation Policies--Operating Policies

    7.    Political Advertisements

    9.    Fundraising

    14.    KBOO Holidays (rescinded 6/23/23; info covered in Union Collective Bargaining Agreement)

    15.    Ownership and Distribution of Produced Materials

    18.    Co-Sponsorship of Events

              Examples of How to Announce Events on the Air (Addendum to Policy 18)

    19.    Underwriting Policy

    22.    Programming Changes

    31.    Payola/Plugola

    32.    Station Access

    33.    Ticket Giveaways

    37.    Mailing List Rental and Exchange

    53.    Hiring Committee Composition

    61.    Gift Acceptance

    64.    Gift Memberships

    65.    Membership Dues

    71.    Ways of Becoming a KBOO Member

    72.    Background Checks

    73.    Cannabis-related Underwriting and Fundraising

II. Board Policies--Legal Requirements

    49.    Terms for Board of Directors

II. Board Policies--Rules/Values

    54.    Comment on Private Personnel Matters

    57.    Financial Compensation to Board Members

    63.    Legal Matters 

II. Board Policies--Board Operations

    17.    Board Operating Procedures

    44.    Guidelines for Addressing the Board of Directors

    62.    Rotation Calendar

    66.    Board Committee Liaison Responsibilities

II. Board Policies--Board Financial Practices

    24.    Budget Process

    25.    Operating Reserves

    38.    Financial Review

    39.    Spending Authority Outside Budget

    51.    Check Signing and Limit

    67.    Cardholder Security

III. Committees

    6.    Program Committee Responsibilities

    47.    Committee Membership

    69.    KBOO Member Participation through Committee Work

IV. Volunteers

    5.    Conflict Resolution and Grievance

    70.    Volunteer Process



KBOO Bylaws