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The Monkey Who Became President!

Airs at: Sat, 04/20/2024 at 6:00am - 9:00am
Produced for Swing 'n' Country
Swing’n’Country for April 20th (KBOO 90.7 FM 6-9am) is framed by two sets of topical music. The program opens with a set of songs about the Mexico - US border,  from Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, The Grateful Dead, The Texicana Mamas, and Tucson troubadour And... Read more

Matty Charles, singer/songwriter for the Jackson County Kills

Airs at: Fri, 04/19/2024 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Produced for Once Upon a Time
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  Matty spent a tumultuous youth in the all-ages clubs of Portland's seedy downtown, where he learned to play guitar and perform. The DIY culture of this environment instilled skepticism for the mainstream. This attitude was affirmed by the growing Anti-folk movement in N... Read more

For Friday April the 19th, 2024, more TV shows on streaming and essentials

Airs at: Fri, 04/19/2024 at 10:30am - 11:00am
Produced for Film at 11
  Mona Bowen joins us to reflect on five new TV series: • Apples Never Fall, a family drama • Ripley, the new Patricia Highsmith adaptation • Sugar, a private eye pastiche with Colin Farrell • Dinosaur, a Glasgow-set comedy • Loot, a Maya Rudolph sit-com   Read more

Dissenting POWs

Airs at: Fri, 04/19/2024 at 9:00am - 10:00am
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  Interview with Jerry Lembcke, author of Dissenting POWs.    _____   Host: Marvin Simmons.       Read more

Cascadia Coffeehouse on 04/19/24

Airs at: Fri, 04/19/2024 at 5:30am - 7:00am
Produced for Cascadia Coffeehouse

Global Citizen International Digest with Prof. Mel Gurtov

Airs at: Thu, 04/18/2024 at 5:30pm - 5:45pm
Produced for Evening News
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Tonight's main topics: Dictatorship and Drug Trafficking in Latin America; An "Historic" Upgrade in US-Japan Relations (and China's Response); Environmental Justice rulings in Europe. Read more

Show #75 - God

Airs at: Thu, 04/18/2024 at 2:30pm
Produced for King Tursi Music Hour
Songs referencing God or a god. This is not a show about any particular religion or even religous content.  Song themes range from positive and negative references of God, to gun violence, to drug abuse and more. Read more

Did The Biden Pot Pardons Go Far Enough?

Airs at: Wed, 04/17/2024 at 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Produced for Free Culture Radio
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On this edition of Free Culture Radio: Did the Biden Pot Pardons Go Far Enough? Students for Sensible Drug Policy kicked off its #420WeekOfUnity with a news conference on April 15 entitled Whom Did the Biden Pardons Help—And Did They Go Far Enough? We hear from SSDP Execut... Read more

The Promise of World Peace

Airs at: Wed, 04/17/2024 at 9:00am - 10:00am
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  Join KBOO host Grace Growing Medicine Reed, 80 year old Portland activist and educator, on a conversation on "The Promise of World Peace".  ----- Tune in to Negotiating Dramatic Events, every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 9:00am -----   Guest: Stan Corbett     ----- Read more

Militarization of the Global Drug War

Airs at: Wed, 04/17/2024 at 12:00am - 12:30am
Produced for Century Of Lies
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This week on Century of Lies: Militarization of the Global Drug War. On this edition of Century we look at states of emergency, the militarization of the global drug war, and measures to address these critical human rights challenges. We hear from Ambika Satkunanathan, a hu... Read more