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The KBOO Studio is back open! Reach out to us to make an appointment 

Call our office at (503)231-8032 or email your staff contact


Hello, Welcome to my blog. Here you will find imformation related to my programs in the near future!   Thanks, Scott Forrester Read more

Youth Collective in November

 Wednesday November 28th 6-7 pm Listen in as the KBOO Youth Collective talks about "What's In, and What's  Up"! We'll have top ten lists, talk about popular culture, current events, and peer pressure, and an interview with people from BecomeX, a leadership, career and lifes... Read more

DJ Puppet Farewell

Tune in to tomorrow's Out Loud show (11/6 at 6 pm) for DJ Puppet's farewell! She's leaving town and you'll hear from her directly, as well as enjoy music she's chosen for her own going away. Puppet has been an incredible asset to our community and we're sorry to see her go.... Read more

Relational Cultural Theory Resources

  BOOKS: Aftershock: Confronting Trauma in a Violent World- A Guild for Activists and Their Allies by Pattrice Jones  Constructing the Self, Constructing America: A Cultural History of Psychotherapy by Cushman, P.   The Century of the Self  by Adam Curtis (BBC Series)  All t... Read more

Craig Burk hosts Program of Music from India and Pakistan, November 4, 2007

On November 4, 2007, Craig hosted a Program of Music from India and Pakistan. To see the playlist, click here.   Read more

October 29th, 2007

More changes to the site: Began makeover of homepage, with easy access to relevant, and timely information.  Pages added: Amended Bylaws Committees Policies Read more