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KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

Talk is cheap, Free speech isn't

You may already know that KBOO did not meet our financial goal during our last pledge drive. The station relies on our listeners for a large portion of our operating budget. If you are not yet a member but enjoy what you hear on KBOO, please consider becoming a member today... Read more

Be a Part of the Solution! Volunteer Meeting this Saturday 12/8 11 - 2 at Liberty Hall

Be a Part of the Solution!!! Do you care about supporting KBOO as a great institution? Do you care about better serving our communities? Do you want KBOO to succeed in meeting our challenges? Of course you do!!!  That's why you need to be at the Voluntee... Read more

Grace Paley - An Interest In LIfe Event 12-11-07

An Interest in Life: GRACE PALEY Grace Paley, one of this country's most honored and best loved writers, died on August 22, 2007. Her commitment to antimilitarism, environmentalism, feminism and antiracism was inseparable from her stories, essays, and poems. CELEBRATE GRAC... Read more


  to create is to resist!!! hooray! Read more

Training Materials

I do a bunch of trainings at KBOO.  KBOO's like a school, except it's real and fun. here's the syllabus for the Basic Digital Editing and File Management skillshare:   Beginning Digital Editing (w File Management) File Management Login - Open explorer window – locate networ... Read more

November 19th, 2007

New features are on the homepage, offering:   Highlighted upcoming programs and events, News from the station and its departments Recently uploaded audio of high-quality Read more