Training Materials


KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

I do a bunch of trainings at KBOO.  KBOO's like a school, except it's real and fun. here's the syllabus for the Basic Digital Editing and File Management skillshare:   Beginning Digital Editing (w File Management) File Management Login - Open explorer window – locate network resources – find “digital training” folder View Details -- file types – file size  - make a new folder -associated applications – Open with – Open a sound file in audition The Audition Screen (no clicking!) buttons at the top – multitrack\edit view – zoom controls – KEYS: Home/End/Spacebar/Arrows -- counter window – cue bar – cue position – cue window – wave form/sound wave/audio(sound)/audio file  Basic Editing Save vs. Save As (Save stereo wav, save stereo mp3, convert to mono, save wav, save mp3) -  click around in the waveform – transport controls –  make a selection – check counter window – Delete – Undo – Cut – Copy – Paste a duplicate – add some silence  - Save Zoom – mag glass – mouse wheel – green bar – the atoms of sound – all the way out – Close everything Take it from the Top Open explorer window again – PK files – check relative file sizes – Delete all files – Open two files (save copies in their folders) – Open a new audio source – review: bits, compression, mono Getting Creative Copy and Splice together a frankenpiece – 15 min