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Lifeisaparty- The For Reals Summer!! Edition

  ,   The good people that host the dance party Electric Feel (Saturday night @ the Fez Ballroom) are offering FREE entry to anyone that comes to the door before 11pm and says ‘LifeisaParty.’ Townbombing (Friday Night @ Tube) is offering $1 Hi... Read more

Look how The Brown gets down!!! New Free Mixtape Download

A reason to visit Myspace!   Santotzin, local Latino homeboy putting it down!!  Grinding for those behind bars, he has started If This Aint Hell- Books to Prisoners movement. Look out for this! 6/20/2009 8:00 PM at If This Aint Hell [Books To Prisoners Mixtape] Release ... Read more

Super Chron Free Download!!! Happy Monday

The new Super Chron Flight Brothers album "Yoooooo-Super Chron Flight Brothers new album is a free Download!!! These distant cousins of Doom and Vast Aire (Vorgul Mega is definitely in the building here) chop up tales of living good by the seat of your pants in the ghetto. ... Read more

Lifeisaparty Weekend listings!! Think 90's

Ridiculous 90’s mix from DJ Vice ... http://www.mediafire.com/?yg1xyuy1g5r. It’s heavy on the hip-hop, but for anyone that even went to a middle school/high school dance during this time this mix is 100% banger.   Thursday Rita Vogt & Michael J. Demeo Photo Show @ Sugar Gall... Read more

Weekend Warriors come out to plllaaayyy!!! Taurus Edition

Who Doesn't Love this Guy?!?!? Things I am currently jocking…   1) Innovative shows… DJ Cory O, who drops a weekly mix of craziness will be dj’ing out of the back of a U-Haul for last Thursday driving around the Alberta strip. Common Ground hosts the Bathrobe Parade where pe... Read more

Lifeisaparty weekend listings And IllaJ Mixtape Download!!

If you want to be on the list. email this kid at twocliche@gmail.com!   Things I am currently jocking…. 1) Innovative shows... Buraka Som Sistema, the Stones Throw Showcase, Hollywood Holt, Illa J & Automaton, Massive 6: Crème de la Crème, Mercury Fashion Forecast Show, Won... Read more