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Download Destro Destructo's Newest EP!

"Working Progress", is Destro's newest EP!!!   Hella Free!  So catch feelings Here! Destro has long established himself as one of the premier Emcee’s in the Northwest Hip Hop scene. As one half of Boom Bap Project and a founding member of Oldominion, Destro has performed ar... Read more

Boss around the Top Tens!!!

                Every year we say were gonna do a top ten , and it NEVER happens.  Well.....HAPPY NEW YEAR HOMIES!!   It’s HAPPENING!!!     We bothered some of the folks behind some of the illest happenings here in the city, and this is what they said.                     ... Read more

DUB MD and AKO "Open Buffet" Free Mixtape!

o·pen: Affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed. buf·fet: A table from which meals or refreshments are served.   Its been a long time coming, and the time has finally come for the AOK Collective's 2 Hungry Bros (Deep x Ben Boogz) to bring you this nu... Read more

$LØW HE▲D Invites you to November

Mad Dash for winter snuggle ass,  and Venus was in retrograde this whole time.... Dayum!  It's about to go direct.  But before it does (that's tomorrow) think about what you've done.   $LØW HE▲D  slows the heartbeat down so you can listen to the explanation without losing t... Read more

Shawn Jackson's Hollywood Shuffle download

  Shawn Jackson's 2nd album, "Brand New Old Me" came out on July 27th.  To follow up the album, Tres is releasing Shawn Jackson's free download mixtape, "Hollywood Shuffle Side B".   Cop it here: Hollywood Shuffle B.   Track List: 1. Another Beautiful Day (prod. Jordan Roc... Read more

Mayer Hawthorne's Firsts Mixtape

I'm just can't get over this guy- I'm fully sprung. Here's why: Mayer Hawthorne grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan,  just outside of Detroit, and vividly remembers, as a child, driving with  his father and tuning the car radio in to the rich soul and jazz  history the region ... Read more

The Latest from Fillmore

White Mic from Bored Stiff drops a sober track  "Less Of The Streets" about the aftermath of the "party" of the street life.  How do you get out?   Check out tracks on SoundCloud Here. Video: Less Of The Streets Read more

Cloudy October Fresh on the scene! Late wit the video.

Cloudy October is the New Hype...well if you don't go to shows or anything else in Portland.   He calls his own sound:   Andre' from Outkast meets Aesop Rock in Molecular Science Class.   I believe it.     You may be interested in his album "The Aviator is Dead"  handmade, ... Read more

Luck-One True Theory Outtakes Free Download

Wow!  Luck One is at it again!  Dropping "True Theory"  in 2011, Luck-One teams up with DjBooth.net and drops a free mix of all of the Outtakes.  Now if you listen to The Soundbox you've heard "More" it's been leaked everywhere...But this mixtape features seven cuts NOT inc... Read more

Free Late Bloomers Mixtape

New Kids on The Block-  That's never the case.  But you prolly haven't heard of Late Bloomers.  "Songs For Suns", is the work of Late Bloomers producers Ahh:Zel, and ReallyNathan, which contains old and new material, plus a few vocal tracks mixed in (an appearance from ... Read more