"You Play Ball Like A Girl" - Feminist Lens on Baseball & Pitch


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Fri, 09/30/2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Host Pamela Santos, diehard Mets fan during the World Series 2015
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USA Baseball 2010 Women's National Team VS Australia. Photo credit: Karl Fisher.
Host Pamela Santos talks about gender politics in baseball and new TV show Pitch

Host Pamela Santos brings another installment of "Feminists Watch TV, Too" with a discussion of TV show Pitch and the "soon-to-be-true-story" of a female pitcher in major league baseball. As with any pop culture, TV show imagining the change we want to see in the world offers an opportunity to talk about gender politics in baseball. The TV show featuring the fictional rise of the first woman playing on the San Diego Padres Ginny Baker, who is also the first African-American woman in baseball. The show will cover what it's like for women growing up as fans, depictions of "strong women," representation in the sport and in media, and what it means to "play ball like a girl."

This show is for the fans who love baseball and for those who love to listen to good feminist commentary. We've got something for everyone. 

Guests include longtime baseball fans Kathleen Stephenson, Becky Meiers and Jeanmarie Harrington Bisceglia and Nate Zablan, host of the podcast The Tone (the-tone.net). 


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