Death Threat aimed at Joe Uris


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Tue, 06/02/2009 - 5:00pm

 One of this week's topics for discussion was the recent murder of Dr. Tiller, a Women's Health Professional that provided abortions when they were needed.  The idea that killing health care providers could be considered a form of domestic terrorism came up, and apparently really angered one of our listeners.  Someone called in, identified himself as "Joe", and threatened to kill Joe Uris for bringing the topic to the table.

The threat and obscenity did not go out over the air, as the FCC would not allow that, but it is included here to foster discussion.

My question is...  If abortion is wrong because it takes a life, then how can killing Joe Uris, who has never performed an abortion, can't ever have an abortion, and has never worked in Women's Health Care, be justified?  Someone that's against killing a fetus wants to kill an adult, instead, for merely talking about the issue.  How is that NOT "Domestic Terrorism"???




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