Ep.2 Birthday Soup

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Sun, 02/26/2017 - 7:00am to 7:30am


Feb. 2017 - Welcome back for a 2nd serving of Peace, Love and Soup!

Episode 2 - Birthday Soup,  is going to be a hot one! So, be sure to blow on the soup and make a wish before sitting down to devour!


This month we're celebrating Tave’s 50th, with the classic children's story dear to her heart; Else Holmelund Minarik’s, "Little Bear’s Birthday Soup." We assembled a small cast of KBOO volunteers to create our first, “Radio Soup Theater,” with banjo music by Joe Clement, AKA BandJoe.


Jai Hurdle - AKA Little Bear - shares his memories of growing up in Queens and having soup with his grandma.


Birthdays???  Are they for you or your kids?  Find out in this month’s interview segment.


We discuss “Soup Hacks” (taking that which is fine... and making it fabulous!) and go back to Tave's kitchen --with a visiting cameraman-- to prepare "Korean Birthday Soup" -- Miyeok Guk


We hear when and why Birthday Soup is made in Korea, from the first hand perspective of expat Martin Cavanaugh and his wife Ji. 


Musical thanks to J Noodles for his song: "All I Need” & to Wizard Phenix for providing, "Baybe Voices & Beats for Dummies 101"  https://soundcloud.com/mohawk-ris

other music in our podcast includes:

P’ansori: Korea’s Epic Vocal Art & Instrumental --  "Kayageum Sanjo” by Kim So-Hee

Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Asian Women -- "Broken Zither” by Liu Sola


And finally, we’ll check in with the chefs of tomorrow; Henry, Ellie, Ben, Pear, Ivy, Meira & Cameron as they come up with some very inventive birthday soups!


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Peace, Love and (of course...) Soup!


Tave & Brian

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