The Spirit of the Forest - Episode 18

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Fri, 09/18/2015 - 8:00am
A podcast featuring audio drama, dark comedy, & other unexpected vignettes from Corvallis & beyond.

This is episode 18 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama / dark comedy created by Oregon resident Dan Crall.  This program reflects upon the sadness, the absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.  It finds that delicate balance of light and darkness, blending fiction and reality.

On this edition, we open with some phone calls from various misdirected taxi seekers. Dan catches up with his childhood best friend Nic, and his older brother Jim for a walk in the forest near some homeless camps.  They find all the right pieces to create a hoax corpse for an unsuspecting party to discover.  Warm laughs are had, and vacation memories forever implanted.  This episode includes audio from an old radio program reflecting on the dark season, and we hear Jandek's song, "The Place" from the album, "What Else Does the Time Mean?"  Somewhere in there is an interview conducted at a food gleaning site.  Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both get a mention, along with the female subject's checkered past.
The program wraps up with various recordings at the Oregon coast near the town of Newport.  The cold, dark atmosphere pushes us toward that cold seasonal slumber.  We briefly meet a crew of seamen.  The beauty of the darkness, seasonal and within, is reflected in a short spoken piece.  We are fortunate to conclude with the work "Ibig Bowun" by the now defunct music project, Hands To.
Featuring the voices of Dan Crall, various unknown phone callers, Nic Mijares, Elizabeth Young, Cookie Johnson, and the antique radio program "Black Night."  Music on this episode includes Jandek, Milieu, and Hands To.  This episode was produced primarily in Corvallis and Newport, Oregon in July through September of 2015.

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