Un|Herd #14: Soup Purse

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Tue, 03/16/2010 - 12:00am
A Bowl of Noise in the Un|Herd Archives

Thank you for tuning in to Un-Herd Archive series episode 14. This show dates to Nov 23 2009. This program was originally shared with episode 13 featured performance Deeds. Now its time for something totally different, the artist we call Soup Purse. Todd Dickerson, a performer and scholar of noise, a seer of visions, he is the man behind Soup Purse. He is nothing less than a fixture of the Portland noise scene and a respected fellow for that matter. His performance is more than sound, its divination. He borrows from the early surrealists in terms of method but not necessarily form. He also incorporates some spoken theatrical performance in to each show, but not in this program, oddly, perhaps he prefers an audience to feed from. So now, please have your self a big helping of Soup Purse.



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