NEW in KBOO music library October 12, 2015

New in KBOO music library October 12, 2015
Alex G (Giannascoli) Beach Music Domino Alt Rock
Apa Kabar We Are Apa Kabar Self Released Alt Rock
Bezunartea, Amy New Villain Kiam Alt Rock
Cornwell, Hugh The Fall And Rise Of Hugh Cornwell Invisible Hands Alt Rock
Emilie (Kahn) & Ogden 10 000 Secret City Alt Rock
Icarus Line, The All Things Under Heaven Self Released Alt Rock
Kant Metaphysik Self Released Alt Rock
Low Ones And Sixes Sub Pop Alt Rock
Papadosio Extras In A Movie Self Released Alt Rock
Promised Land Sound For Use And Delight Paradise Of Bachelors Alt Rock
Sullivan, McClain Rachel Self Released Alt Rock
Tallows Waist Deep Self Released Alt Rock
Eileen (Shaughnessy) & In-Betweens, The Everything Is Alive Self Released Regular Rock
Holmsten, Moa Bruised Arms & Broken Rhythm Fill In The Blank Regular Rock
Houston, Jen I Was Told There Would Be Pie Self Released Regular Rock
Larson, Alex "Crankshaft" Tied To The World Behind Me Self Released Regular Rock
Pollies, The Not Here Thirty Tigers Regular Rock
Snider, Jacob Carrier (Featuring Armand Hirsch) Self Released Regular Rock
Statz, John Tulsa Self Released Regular Rock
Kaskade Automatic Warner Electronica
Pierce, Sarah Barbed Wire Little Bear Country & Western
Addy, Obo The Best Of Obo Addy Santrofi Africa