April 18 - Playlist Spotlight

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His name is David Ornette Cherry and what a joyful kaleidoscope of sound he and his band members, Organic Roots, created at Jimmy Maks on Thursday, April 16.  Not only was David celebrating his birthday, which was on April 13, but he was celebrating the release of his latest CD Organic Journey, making it the fifth and final CD in the "Organic" series.

The blend of music was filled with worldy sounds with one band member playing the accordian while another played the electronic soundscape.  That's actually nothing when you learn about the many instruments David plays: piano, spirit flute, dousn ' gounni, melodica and oh ya, don't forgot the computer, a MAC was sitting on top of the piano.  Yes, if you know how to produce music then you know the right computerized tool to use is a MAC.

So that didn't end my week of celebration, as I too was celebrating my birthday and I was determined to celebrate this one in style.  More music please, was my request, and more music I got because that Saturday night - April 18, 2009 - yep, right after my show, I went over to Curious Comedy and took in more of what David was serving up with Ron Steen on drums.  This was the launch of 'Round Midnight a musical Jazz series with all your local favorites - April 18: David Ornette Cherry and Ron Steen; April 25: The Farnell Newton Project; May 2: Toni Lincoln w/Ron Steen; May 9: Cary Simms; May 16: S. Renee Mitchell (Spoken Word); May 23: Ben Darwish; May 30: Farnell Newton; June 6: Bobby Torres; June 13: Andrew Oliver; June 20: Thara Memory and I can't wait to see who's on the lineup for the rest of June and throughout the year.  Here's what the Sentinel had to say about 'Round Midnight.

If you heard my show that night, you also got the chance to hear David talk about his roots; growing up in Watts, moving to Portland, being the son of Don Cherry, his tribute to Fela Kuti with the song Black President, and his interest in settling in and getting the opportunity to connect with his African-American tribe/community here in Portland. In his spare time, right, what's that lately when you're in the music world, he teaches students over at Jefferson High School.  A portion of the proceeds generated from 'Round Midnight will go to Jefferson High School's music program. 

To learn more about why I selected David Ornette Cherry for the spotlight go here: http://www.davidornettecherry.com/

Checkout the playlist for the music I played that night and thanks for sending me so much love.

Ciao ~ Bridget B.