OLd KBOO program guide cover featuring "Vileness Fats" from The Residents

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    Check out this old Kbøø program guide from way back in the day !!  -- Does anybody know who was behind this?


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Also, what's the date?
I'd love to see it.
If it was in the Seventies, I'll bet you a guava donut it was <b>Bill Reinhardt</b> of <b>Radio Lab</b>. He was the gentlemen responsible for bringing the Residents to radio and wider exposure to the US via a tape they gave him to play on the air, the mythical Residents Radio Show.
You can see (and hear) some amazing stuff <a href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tt6tEnnnyjo&feature=channel_page>here</a>. Also, check out his other videos for a rare glimpse of the Residential Lair.

Perhaps you know all this. It's sadly seldom taught in schools anymore.

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Both Bill and Barry had shows on KBOO, Bill started off with, "The Radio Lab" and later changed the name to, Cryptic Propensities Projections" that should tell you something, Bill is Uncle Willy, and the Mysterious N. Senada, and Portland is The Frozen North!!!
Barry had a show called, "Onomatopeia" of which I was a frequent caller, I have most of all of both of these shows on reel to reel and have been burning them all to cd, it is a daunting task, both for the work involved, and for the mind altering nature of these shows.
There is currently a special project in the works involving me and Brian Poole of, "Renaldo & the Loaf" a tribute to Barry Schwam, "Schwump" a great, great man!!!!
Much more to come, as the truth will unravel!!!!

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...This inquiring mind wants to know.
Herr Rienhardt is N. Senada? Really?
How might one hear these amazing shows?
Could you contact me at my blog below?
I am all a-twitter with anticipation!

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There were two of us, we had reel to reels which we kept going almost around the clock for about 12 years, well at least when we thought there was something to be heard, but in general we just kept taping everything, the radio, the tv, our family in action, we would take impromptu excursions to say, Multnomah Falls, and we would whip out our portable reel to reels and just go up and interview people at random, we would mix this all together and send this material all over the world, we called ourselves, "Glo-bin Treeflip"- we would sneak tapes into stores with bizarre covers with weird group names and leave them for the unsuspecting to find, this was obscurity!!!!
We were on L.A.F.M.S. and Insane Music for Insane People and other comps under numerous names, now I'm spending all my time gathering it all together, and I send cds out to people as a surprise, sometimes there is material by The Residents, or Schwump, or Walt Curtis, and even Dick Ross, it's fun being weird!

Ever wonder about the scientists and other government workers who suddenly, one day "lose" their identity???
No credit cards, no college records, no employment history.......
Kinda gives you this weird feeling of anxiety... like "Am I really here???"
That's the way I feel when I peruse the many internet pages devoted to the Early Years of KBOO radio. 
Now see - I was always a behind-the-scenes kinda guy. I'd worked one summer (1970) at KINK-FM after a Sunday morning program host dropped out. Jim Taylor was then hosting one of only a few "live" spots on KINK because it was mostly all carts in those days - like banks of rotary 8-track tape cartridges with programming capability... Really wild looking machinery, to any who have never seen one... especially in operation...
Anyway, I produced a dozen or so 1/2 hour shows - similar to KSAN's Skoop Misker's old programming, tho I didn't know about KSAN at the time. Many people around the country were doing stuff that was similar without hearing each other - kind of a "universal energy" thing, I guess... 
Well, my stuff was a bit heavy for Sunday morning, but I wanted "in" and I'd take anything... I didn't do "live" shows, instead spent hours and hours all week at home after work gleaning news reports from radio and tv and then adding spliced-in music tracks pertinent to the main subject matter - Kent State, Portland State, Revolution, environmental issues, Viet Nam, Woodstock Nation, counterculture, etc... 
When the summer of fun was over, I farted around a couple months trying to get into other radio... at KOAP ya needed a degree just to empty trash. KVAN was way cool but Anchetta didn't want anyone stepping on his ego... Then one day I heard about KBOO, and took a tape by and met Bill Rinehardt.. Then the program director and 'resident' radiostud... I didn't have thoughts about the station one way or the other, but when I got back home, the phone was ringing. It was Bill asking if I had any more production pieces... yeah - I had a whole library... So I took some by and instantly I'm IN. 
Now Bill, bless his extensive ego, is not one of those guys that gives anyone else much credit for their supporting role, it seems... Because read as I might, I don't find a single reference to myself anywhere as the other half of Radio Lab, AND/OR Cryptic Propensity Projections (BTW: it WAS 'propensity' - singular)... Although through much of the '70's I was in the saddle, I wasn't waving a big freak flag... I'd slip in @9PM on Saturday night and out about 6AM on Sunday morning and leave a bunch of trippin' hippies sayin' "whoa!"... The staff'd freak because I rarely interrupted the trip with any station ID's OR telling Portland "who" I was... It wasn't important... What WAS important is that the airwaves be filled with wonder and that KBOO be different than any other venue in the universe... And I loved to go for hours and never break the spell. 
So anyway, I just needed to get this in print for my own therapy. I'm now 63, and any day the mind could go and leave me TRULY identityless... HEY -Bill in Hollyweird!!!... Are you still out there???? You want to at last - at least - set the record straight???? Because even though we believed it could be done through better living with chemicals, the Firesign Theatre ask the only question that matters on this forum..."How CAN You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All?????" Anyone with a good collection of old program guides can see who was twisting the knobs of the "Turkey Mk. III" on Saturday and Thursday nights... 
BTW - my good friend, brother, son, and dad - Ernie Leslie - is putting together one kick ass internet radio station... Kinda like those Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear at KBOO... He used to sit in on Saturday nights. Gaud bless ya, man. You'll always be my hero.       DOKTORDOGG.