What The Hell Is Going On? (WHIGO)

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What the Hell is Going On
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In this podcast ML lauri opens the conversation about our human experiences, our human condition.

“What the hell is going on?” is, if we stop and pay attention, a question that we all often ask. When our emotions aren’t as high we might not be aware that we are asking the question, but the more intense a situation is the more likely we are to ask it. In this podcast ML lauri opens the conversation about our human experiences, our human condition. ML produced the segment “Let’s Stop For a Minute” in the KBOO radio show THE POLITICS OF LIVING. These segments  discussed the source of our confusion and suffering and contemplated what are the things that interfere with us gaining the stable happiness we all seek. Due to interest in ML’s segments and a desire for more information, ML decided to create this podcast to further the conversation. Join ML in the conversation by emailing her at mllauri[at]kboo.org. Each email, positive or negative, will be addressed in the podcast (If you don't hear your question or comment addressed in the podcast, it probably means I didn't get it. If you are willing, please send again directly thru your email provider instead of going thru the link here). After the posting of the initial segments, this podcast will be at least monthly. (intro song is Philly Crew by Danny Kean and Doug Maxwell, accessible from YouTube free audio library)

ML has more than 42 years of experience in the field of mental health, 38 as a psychotherapist. ML traveled extensively and lived in several other countries and cultures as she devoted her life to understanding and assisting herself and others’ with our suffering. She now lives in the USA and is reaching out to share what she has learned on her journey. ML's website: www.mllauri.org

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