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Airs at: Tue, 04/04/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Self Help Radio
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Self Help Radio is not a self-help radio show. The confusion is understandable. However, one may help oneself to a weekly examination of a particular theme featuring music, interviews with "experts," & quite possibly things that are "funny." It began in Austin, spent some time in Appalachia, & now gazes lovingly at the giant fir trees in Portland, Oregon. A fellow named Gary hosts it. It's a lot of hooey but sometimes the songs are good.  Find out more infomation about the show at its website,

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Self Help Radio 3/28/23: Instant Radio Show

Airs at: Tue, 03/28/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
Here it is! The last Self Help Radio on KBOO (for now)! A more clever programmer would have put together a more-self-helpful outing with the theme "instant radio show." Since it's just me, dumb ol' Gary, behind the mic, it's a lot of songs that use the word "instant." In a... Read more

Self Help Radio 3/21/23: Runaways

Airs at: Tue, 03/21/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
The show you wish you could run away from presents a show about runaways. Mainly metaphorical. It's hard to sing songs about runaways! They can be going through some terrible things! Among the other nonsense on the show, I talk to our resident cinephile, Chuck, about films... Read more

Self Help Radio 3/14/23: Adoration

Airs at: Tue, 03/14/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
For this very hastily-assembled program (it certainly has no frills), I gathered a bunch of songs that use some form of the verb "adore" - adoration, adoring, adorable among them. It wasn't too clever but I was gone all weekend & didn't have a great deal of time to do lots ... Read more

Self Help Radio 3/7/23: Lifetimes

Airs at: Tue, 03/07/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
First of all - sorry for the rough start to the show! I probably pushed some buttons wrong so there's a little dead air & some confusion until I figured it out. I thought about editing the audio so it didn't exist but it's a reminder of the fun of live radio, & the fact tha... Read more

Self Help Radio 2/28/23: Nothing

Airs at: Tue, 02/28/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
If you heard nothing on the radio late Monday night/early Tuesday, you heard Self Help Radio. All the show broadcast was nothing. Actually, that's untrue - the KBOO automation glitched & only one-sixth of the show aired. Which is fine. It was better than nothing. I have up... Read more

Self Help Radio 2/21/23: Wrecks

Airs at: Tue, 02/21/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
Greetings from the Self Help Radio Wrecking Yard. You always knew the show was a wreck, you didn't know it always has been! Please enjoy a self-reflective Membership Drive show about wrecks, featuring lots of music plus interviews with an unlucky Portland couple that's alwa... Read more

Self Help Radio 2/14/23: Valentine's Day 2023 - True Love

Airs at: Tue, 02/14/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
It's Valentine's Day! Enjoy a show all about true love! Plus! A conversation with librarian Carole about books about true love! As well as with cinephile Chuck about films featuring true love! Also! I talk to several friends - all more romantic than I - about true love! Ha... Read more

Self Help Radio 2/7/23: Speech

Airs at: Tue, 02/07/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
Originally conceived as a show full of speeches, this episode of Self Help Radio decided to examine all kinds of speech - including speeches but also things like figures of speech & parts of speech. There's a lot of music of course but there are guests too: I speak with mem... Read more

Self Help Radio 1/31/23: Greed

Airs at: Tue, 01/31/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
A radio show about greed! But not a greedy show - it didn't go beyond its alloted time. What it did do is play lots of songs about greed, talked to several people - the daughter of the greediest man in America, an ethicist who studies greed, & a writer who writes of the "g... Read more

Self Help Radio 1/24/23: Examples

Airs at: Tue, 01/24/2023 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Self Help Radio
This is an example of a radio show - a show called Self Help Radio. In case you needed an example. There are many examples within the example - for example, the show has an example of something that never happens on the show. Perhaps you learn by example. Perhaps you need t... Read more