Thanksgiving Day: Reminder of Native America

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Thu, 11/26/2020 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Ender Black - Musician, Galactic Liason for Earth Protocols of Galactic Interaction
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SURRENDER: This Is The End Of The Fourth World :)

On this show, I have prepared a hand-picked compilation of powerful songs and mini-lectures designed to help you remember about Native America, the meaning of the ancient peoples and ways, and the unmistakable importance of bringing a lot of it to the public eye given the state of disarray the world has been thrown into, especially this past year, however continually for a very long time. --- We live in a moment in time when there is no question there is a true imbalance in the world. If people don't realize the mechanics and dynamics of our euro-centric global leadership are fatally flawed, and that the level of disparity and inequality are beyond all estimations, not to mention the manner which animals and nature are legally treated, then the people of Earth would soon succumb to a gradual but quick process of complete, irreversible demise.

This show was made to remind you that there are indeed wonderful, humble people throughout the world, who hold a deep connection to nature and whose morals are worthy of imitating. With their presence and counseling, the societies of planet Earth still have a chance at salvaging at least some aspects of their integrity and culture for future generations.




Hour 1

* Elder Uqualla speaks 
* Music: "Indian's Energy", by Wuauquikuna
* Jumakha speaks of The Four Ways
* Music: "Ananau", by Wuauquikuna
* Life is a Walking, by Anazasi Foundation
* Music: "Ocarina", by Wuauquikuna
* Lecture: We are all connected with Nature, by Nixiwaka Yawanawa
* Music: "Ponchito",by Wuauquikuna
* Lecture: We shall remain, by LoVina Louie
* Q'Orianka Kilcher reads Chief Joseph's account of his 1879 trip to Washington DC (Part 1)

Hour 2

* Q'Orianka Kilcher reads Chief Joseph's account of his 1879 trip to Washington DC (Part 2)
* Music: "Come and get your love", live 1974, by Redbone
* Music: "Starwalker", live 2010, by Buffie Sainte-Marie
* Music: "Someday", by XIT
* Lecture: Language, the key to everything, by Ron Muqsahkwat Corn Jr
* Music: "At Peace", by XIT
* Oren R. Lyons speaks about the meaning of the 7th Generation
* Music: "Kallarik", by Wuaquikuna
* Inca activist, Pedro Inkari, speaks
* Music: "El Condor Pasa", by Wuaquikuna


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