Will Aaron Campbell's death finally bring police accountability to Portland?

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Thu, 02/11/2010 - 12:00am


Will Aaron Campbell's death finally bring police accountability to Portland?


A Multnomah County grand jury this week found no criminal wrongdoing by Portland police officer Ronald Frashour in the Jan. 28 fatal shooting of Aaron Campbell. The death of an unarmed young man distraught over the death of his younger brother has stoked long-burning fires in the community about the Portland Police Bureau's use of deadly force. City Commissioner Dan Saltzman has requested the grand jury transcript be made public. The Albina Ministerial Alliance wants a public inquest. Pastor LeRoy Haynes and other community leaders are demanding reforms within the police bureau which they believe are long overdue. Even national civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, has expressed interest in the case.

This Thursday, Jo Ann and Dave talk with someone deeply affected by Campbell's death about what she hopes will come out of this tragedy. Gypsy Dance is the godmother of Aaron Campbell's mother and closely involved in the family. She, Timothy Douglass - Campbell's father - and other family members are calling for changes in the bureau that will bring the long and ugly history of police use of deadly force to an end. Is it possible that Aaron Campbell's death will finally bring police accountability to Portland?

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