Voices from the Edge on 02/04/10

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Thu, 02/04/2010 - 12:00am

Haiti, Race and International Adoption

The arrest of 10 American Baptists for attempting to take children out of Haiti without permission has rekindled the debate over international adoption. Many Americans believe the plight of Haitian children more than justifies removal of orphans to new homes abroad. Critics fear incorrect identification of Haitian children as orphans and the potential for human trafficking. The Adoptees of Color Roundtable, an "international community of adoptees of color," issued a statement characterizing Haitian adoptions by North American and European families as racist and colonialist, calling for an immediate stop to all adoptions from Haiti and the refocusing of resources towards family reunification and supporting children in their own community.

What takes priority in a crisis the magnitude of Haiti? Does "cultural sovereignty" trump other concerns? Are international adoptions by citizens of affluent North American and European nations inherently racist? Do domestic transracial adoptions present the same problems and challenges? Join Jo Ann and Dave this week as they explore these questions.

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