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Sat, 08/01/2020 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Every summer, nihonjin (Japanese) and nikkei (people of the Japanese diaspora) come together to celebrate Obon. This festival honors ancestors through rituals, songs, and communal dance. This year's Obon Fest in Portland was cancelled due to Covid19, but you can still hear all your Obon favorites and dance along with an hour of Obon music. So put on your happi coat and grab your uchiwa, and tune in for this annual tradition a la community radio!

Learn more about Obon:

-Oregon Public Broadcasting's (OPB) video on Obon


Playlist with YouTube links to videos of the dances:

  1. Bon Odori Uta  - (instructional video)(PDX Obon
  2. Tokyo Ondo  - (instructional video)
  3. Mottainai  - (instructional video)(music video)
  4. Asadoya Yunta - (PDX instructional video)(Hawaii Obon)
  5. Ei ja nai ka? - (instructional video)
  6. Ha! - Portland Taiko (website)(music video)
  7. Portland Ondo - (instructional video)
  8. Pokemon Ondo - (PDX Obon)
  9. Ichi Tasu Ichi - (PDX Obon)
  10. Shiawase Samba - (PDX Obon)
  11. Bambutsu no Tsunagari - (Tsuru For Solidarity)
  12. Tanko Bushi - (PDX Obon)



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