Voices from Portland's Protests for Racial Justice

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Fri, 06/19/2020 - 11:30pm

The past three weeks have seen unprecedented nightly protests in Portland and across the country, calling for transformative change in the way policing is carried out in our society. Young black activists have led the movement in Portland, beginning with this May 29th rally in Peninsula Park in North Portland, when over five thousand people gathered to call for justice for George Floyd and the many victims of police violence. In the days that followed, protesters began gathering at Revolution Hall each evening at 6, and marching to downtown Portland. Other rallies and marches began to be organized across the city every day.

And the protests are continuing – every day, in every part of the city of Portland and surrounding areas. There is an online calendar where you can find out about all the various marches and gatherings that are taking place on a daily basis.

This hour-long audio piece provides a glimpse into the passion and power of the young people and elders who have spoken at these rallies for justice, with their speeches, poetry, songs and stories.

**A word of caution: This audio contains stories of police violence and racism which may be re-traumatizing to some listeners.

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