Boise Voices Oral History Project

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Wed, 07/01/2009 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Boise Voices is an intergenerational Oral Histrory Project, founded by Apricot Irving. This  project pairs at-risk youth from Albina Youth Opportunity School, and Boise Elementary School, with Boise Neighborhood Elders in order to preserve the history of the neighborhood.
The culmination of this project will be a publication of a "Boise Voices" website which will allow visitors to access historical information about the Boise Neighborhood, as well as listen to excerpts of the recorded interviews. A "Boise Voices" audio CD will feature additional material from the interview
We talk with Founder Apricot Irving about the Boise Voices Project, and listen to elders talk about the Boise Neighborhood.

Thanks to Apricot Irving, to the elders involved in the project, and to Kennedy, Janaia, Noah, Kane, Nila, Dominique, and Melissa from Boise Elementary, and to Klya,  Sandra , Sherman, Darren, William, Sean, Sam, and Shaelynn from Albina Youth Opportunity School for conducting the interviews.

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Thank you so much for this wonderful project. We have lived in this neighborhood for 5 years, and it is so valuable to gain a deeper appreciation and perspective for the neighborhood we love so very much.

The project is continuing, so if you know neighborhood elders who would like to participate, make sure to get in touch with Apricot Irving Through the Boise Voices Website:

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