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Wed, 07/22/2009 - 8:00am to 9:00am
How do we change the national conversation about war and peace? Also: Update on health care reform legislation

Seven months into a new administration and the nation still finds itself embroiled in two Asian wars. Many Americans would have difficulty explaining how the Obama administration's conduct of these wars differs from the last administration's. They're certainly not being helped by policymakers and pundits who are working overtime to marginalize arguments for American withdrawal from the region. With the economy now people's foremost concern, how does the peace movement change the national conversation about war and peace?

Jo Ann and Dave talk with Tom Hastings, Director of the Oregon Peace Institute's Peace Voice Program. On August 1, the program will host the Peace Voice Conference, bringing together activists, academics and others to explore new ways to bring together diverse communities in order to refocus the public discourse on the possibilities of peace and the inadvisibility of war.

Also this Thursday: Jo Ann and Dave talk with Betsy Dillard, Director of Health Care for America Now, about the current status of health care reform bills currently making their way through Congress.

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