What's the future of community media?

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Wed, 07/15/2009 - 5:00pm

As recent events in Iran have shown, technology has given ordinary people the power to inform neighbors down the street and strangers halfway around the world about important events regardless of government censorship or corporate media indifference. "Community media" - citizen-operated print, broadcast and digital technologies - is filling the information needs of a growing number of Americans. The Alliance for Community Media's 2009 international conference recently took place in Portland, where hundreds of media activists discussed new concepts in community media and challenge old ones. Is community media reaching and reflecting the community? Are there lessons to be learned from the professional media? What is the future of community media?

Jo Ann and Dave talk with Erik Mollberg , chair of the Indiana Chapter of the Alliance for Community Media, and director of Ft Wayne's Public, Educational and Governmental television services. Mollberg, one of the organizers of the conference, lobbies and writes extensively for greater realization of public access to media. Also joining the conversation is Phil Busse, founder of the Northwest Institute for Social Change, and two participants in the institutes's summer media camp, a program for learning how to use art and media to create social change.

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