A call to fill Oregon's black leadership void

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Thu, 08/27/2009 - 12:00am

Black leadership is on the rise - from the White House to corporate giants like Xerox Corp. In progressive Oregon, however, blacks currently hold no elected positions in the city, county or regional governments within the metropolitan area where most of their community resides. These political disparities are more than matched by economic, social, health and education disparities that have left black Oregonians impoverished.

Charles McGee and Johnell Bell, co-founders of the Black Parent Initiative, believe the time has come for this to change. In a recent essay in the Oregonian, McGee and Bell called "for Oregon to have a different conversation, followed by bold policy changes and courageous action...being well-meaning or well intentioned is no longer enough." Jo Ann and Dave talk with McGee and Bell about their call to action and the role of all Oregonians in ending racial disparities within our state.

Coming up in September! On September 3, Jo Ann and Dave talk with organizers of the effort to recall Mayor Sam Adams. On September 10, Dave and Jo Ann will talk with exonerated death row inmate Curtis McCarty about his experiences and Exonerated, the documentary about his ordeal.

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