August 31 Old Mole Variety Hour


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Mon, 08/31/2009 - 12:00am


 This edition of the Old Mole is hosted by Norm Diamond (pictured here), and includes his special feature "Mystery Mole," as well as thoughtful introductions to all the other Moles' contributions.  Norm also plays and comments on a song by the Nicaraguan duo Guardabarranco.

Next Monday, September 7, is Labor Day.  The Old Mole Variety Hour will not be heard so that Labor Radio can bring you special programming -- to which the Moles will be contribuing.  

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To hear the whole show, use the play button above.  To hear individual pieces and find more information, follow the links below: 

1.  Intersexuality and Gender Policing:  Frann Michel discusses the socially created distinctions between male and female and how they apply to the case of Caster Semenya.

2.  Disappointed with Obama?  Old Mole Bill Resnick explains how the President is a creature of forces far beyond him -- and what hope there is for progressive action. 

3.  Cooperating Cleveland Coops: Author and activist Ted Howard talks with Bill Resnick about how a network of worker-owned coops is emerging in Cleveland to challenge privately controlled production.

4.  The music of Guardabarranco.

5.  Mystery Mole: Norm leads us through a series of clues to a past personality who fought for justice.

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