The Wrong End of the Table: A mostly Comic Memoir of A Muslim Arab American Woman Just Trying to Fit In

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Fri, 11/01/2019 - 9:00am to 9:30am
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An Interview with Ayser Salman


Today on Radiozine, Suzanne LaGrande interviews Ayser Salman, writer, editor and author of  The Wrong End of the Table:  A Mostly Comic Memoir of
a Muslim Arab American Woman Just Trying to Fit In. In this interview, Ayser Salman traces her unlikely journey from Baghdad to Hollywood, by way of Ohio, Saudi
Arabia and Kentucky. First comes Emigration, then Naturalization, and finally Assimilation—trying to fit in among her blonde-haired, blue-eyed
counterparts, but always feeling left out.

Part memoir and part how-not-to guide, The Wrong End of the Table is everything you wanted to know about Arabs but were afraid to ask, as well as
the story of every American outsider on a path to find themselves in a country of beautiful diversity. 

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