Celebrating Grace Paley

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Mon, 08/26/2019 - 10:00pm to 11:00pm

Tonight, Ken Jones and Judith Arcana are celebrating Grace Paley's life and work, reading her writing on the radio.  Ken's often heard on KBOO; he writes, produces and performs on comedy shows, does author interviews on "Between the Covers," and co-anchors the Monday PM news.  Judith is the host of this show, Poetry and Everything. ...... Grace Paley died one dozen years ago this month, at the end of August in 2007.  She was a committed activist and a globally celebrated writer.  She sat down in front of rolling tanks and rearing horses, got arrested on the White House lawn, and traveled across the world to negotiate prisoner exchanges during the US war in Vietnam.  She was one of the great masters of the short story form, a model and mentor for everyone writing stories, in any language, in any country.  ..... Judith is reading some of Grace's last poems and part of a late essay; Ken's reading one of her longest early stories.  (photo of Grace by Margo Okazawa-Rey) 

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He couldn't have picked one of her shorter later ones? :)

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