Vietnam Redux: The Perpetual State of War in These Here United States


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Tue, 12/01/2009 - 12:00am

 Hosted by Joe Uris and Abe Proctor

Vietnam Redux -- Abe and Joe examine President Obama's fateful decision to escalate the War in Afghanistan.

Like LBJ before him in Vietnam, President Obama plans to escalate the War in Afghanistan.  Abe and Joe examine the lessons of history, and opine as to how the president's choice may impact the remainder of his time in office.

Did you know that the US still operates Secret "Black Prisons" in Afghanistan where people are held without trials or tribunals, without Habeas Corpus, without access to lawyers, without charges pressed against them, without contact with the outside world (including the Red Cross), and where innocent people are still being tortured daily?  Our tax dollars fund this prison, and hundreds more, just like it.

Did you know that there are people that resist funding these wars thru acts of Civil Disobedience?

And...  Finally...  Don't forget to T U R N   O U T   T O M O R R O W to Say NO to WAR!!!




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