The Politics of Living - Episode 22

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Wed, 12/05/2018 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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...because life is political...

The Politics of Living – Dec 5, 2018

Hosted by: Vicky Mazzone

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Content Contributors

Rachelle Schmid (Holiday Non-Traditions with Laurie Schmid and Jonah-Michael Schmid)
Vicky Mazzone (12 Days of Christmas and British traditions with Meg Cowie)
Darka Dusty (Borscht soup and Ukranian traditions)
Tave Fasce Drake (Did you Know?  Holiday edition)
Kristin Thiel   (She Ra Solution)
Debra Gianinni (Song of the Magi)

Technical Assistance
Vicky Mazzone (Executive Producer)
Dennise Kowalczyk  (Web)

Today’s show is all about the holidays - tradition vs non-tradition, food and families and more . .

Tave Fasce Drake features stories about holiday traditions, Kwanzaa,  Hanukkah, Krampus and more on the holiday edition of “Did You Know.” On The She Ra solution, Kristin Thiel explores the history behind the song “Santa Baby”. Darka Dusty returns with a wonderful story about Borscht soup and holidays in the Ukranian culture. Vicky Mazzone delves into the 12 Days of Christmas, Boxing Day and other traditions with her British friend Meg Cowie. Contributor Rachelle Schmid is back with another family conversation, this time with her sister Laurie and nephew Jonas Michael.   The three of them have a candid discussion of their large extended family, traditions that they’ve adopted, and traditions they choose not to follow anymore. Debra Gianinni performs a song written by Anais Mitchell, entitled “Song of the Magi.”


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