Another episode about food

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Fri, 11/23/2018 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Matt and Chef Luis


It's time for another food episode here on Pacific Underground. Past guests and friends of the show give their recommendations on where to eat in town. We also hear stories from a segment we produced for our first food episode in season one where we explore what made us feel grounded during lunch time as kids. We welcome our newest collective member Matt Lim as he chats with Luis Vergara, chef and co-owner of the Tamago Bros food cart in downtown Portland. Tamago Bros specializes in Filipinx-Japanese fusion. Luis is originally from the Philippines, hailing from Santa Maria, Laguna. Luis has been a professional chef for many years, cooking in places like the Philippines, Saipan, and Florida. Luis then decided to open up his own food cart in Portland to conduct his culinary experiment, a Filipinx-Japanese fusion. His cooking blends the savory nature of Filipino food and the sweetness & textures of Japanese cuisine. So far, Portlanders have been receptive to this fusion, and Luis has been getting more business than he had ever hoped for.

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