Portland Gray Panthers Testify on Housing Corporations at City Hall

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Portland Gray Panthers Testify on Housing Corporations at City Hall

Measure 102, on your ballots now, changes the Oregon constitution to allow Housing Projects Funded by Municipal Bonds to be owned by private corportation.

Testimony of Portland’s Grey Panthers at yesterday’s city council meeting has something to say about the this.  

Mayor Wheeler was absent and Commissioner Saltzman presided.

<city council panthers>

Those were voices of gray panther activists testifying at city hall yesterday. They want the CITIZENS of portland to take responsibility for upholding a basic social contract, including humane housing.  

I caught up with a grey panther and Home Forward Corporation tentant in Chapman Square after the session:

<chapman square>

that was a grey panther activist and Home Forward Corporation tentant.

They want Portland City Council to hold the Home Forward Corporation responsible for issues in their building including unhealthy air, water damage, moldy carpets, and possible asbestos.

 they told us that the Corporate managers threaten tenants with eviction for asking too many questions

they told us that, symbolicaly and simply, home forward Corporation prioritizes exterior landscaping over humane living spaces.

and this is Joe meyer with KBOO news.


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