Prop. rights opposition to pro-lng bill


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Thu, 04/30/2009 - 5:00pm

Many people and groups oppose Liquefied Natural Gas in Oregon for environmental reasons.
One bill oringinally introduced by the Bradwood Landing L-N-G facility, though, is facing opposition from the Northwest Property Rights Coalition.
House bill three-oh-five-eight was designed to make it easier for companies to apply for permits to work on private lands.
As the law currently stands, if a company like Bradwood Landing wanted to build a pipeline across private lands, it would have to get the landowner’s permission before applying for a permit.
This bill would change that, so that a company could apply for a state permit without notifying affected property owners.
The company would still have to get the landowner’s permission before the permit was granted.
Property Rights advocates have been fiercely opposing the bill.
And they seem to have gotten their voices heard.
In a Hearing at the House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee, the bill was handed on to the Rules Committee without a recommendation to pass.
Members of the Committee Voiced concerns about compensation for property owners and other property rights issue.
Mark Auerbach [HOUR-back] has been opposing the bill as chair of the Northwest Property Rights Coalition.

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