Academic freedom at PSU: Interview with Professor Joel Beinin and Dean Marvin Kaiser.

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Thu, 11/27/2008 - 4:00pm

Hosts Hala Gores and William Seaman spend the hour with Stanford University Professor of Middle East History, Joel Beinin, and Dean of College of Liberal Arts and
Sciences and Professor of Sociology at Portland State University, Marvin Kaiser, talking about academic freedom and the recent hiring controversy at Portland State University. Last week's Willamette Week feature by Beth Slovic ("Tug of War - A Controversial prof creates a skirmish at PSU over academic freedom") provides a glimpse into a job interview process derailed by politics. Professor Beinin ultimately withdrew his name from consideration for the opening at PSU, a great loss for the university and for Portland. Tune in Friday at 9:00 AM to learn more about the "skirmish at PSU", and very special OLMV guests, Professor Joel Beinin and Dean Marvin Kaiser!

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