Trans Youth: Issues of Gender Variant Kids & Teens II


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Mon, 10/20/2008 - 5:00pm


The second half of the show started with Athens Boys Choir's “The Mourner's Prayer”. Athens Boys Choir—aka the mad rhyming spoken word poet Katz based out of Athens, Georgia began touring in 2003. Now the self-produced, solo perfomer, who identifies as a pansexual transsexual just released his fifth album; tongue-in-cheek-titled, Bar Mitzvah Superhits of the ‘80s, ‘90s and Today. Gender Blender will be playing several of Athens Boys' songs and a short clip from an interview with him. Katz will be performing at Friday, 8pm, Portland's SMYRC.
 Cris Beam joined the conversation from New York. Cris is a journalist who has written for numerous magazines, has an MFA in nonfiction from Columbia University and teaches creative writing at Columbia and the New School. Her award winning memoir, TransParent recalls the seven years she spent working with trans youth, many of them living on the streets of Los Angeles.
Jacob read a brief passage from TransParent and then Cris answered questions from both hosts and callers.
The show wrapped with an uncredited interview by Carla of KBOO's Outloud show, from when she spoke with Athens Boys Choir during his previous visit to Portland. Then it closed with a section of the song EZ Heeb. ALthough it was cut off on air, the whole song is part of this down load.
Gender Blender airs once a month on KBOO. The show encourages listeners to get involved by calling (503) 231-8187 and sharing their questions and comments on air. For more information, visit or email Please let the station know if you like this show!
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