KBOO News In Depth: Steven and Jennifer Cook of One Portland

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Mon, 09/25/2017 - 5:45pm to 6:00pm
Steven Cook of One Portland

Since a new president took office in January, coincidentally enough, incidents of racism, sexual harassment, and xenophobia seem to be on the uptick in Portland.

One local businessman, Steven Cook, co-owner of the bar Church on NE Sandy Boulevard, aims to reverse that alarming trend. Cook recently founded a non-profit organization called One Portland.

According to their website (1portland.org), One Portland's mission is to "forge long-term, mutually supportive relationships between local businesses and social justice community-based-organizations that are working to make Portland a more welcoming, safe, and just community for all who live here".

We talked with Steven and his sister, One Portland's administrator Jennifer Cook, to learn more about their organization.

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