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Mon, 09/15/2008 - 5:00pm

 Host Joe Uris hosts today's show, with a wild and wooly topic list.

1) Colwood Golf Course near the airport is up for sale.  Some people want to put an industrial park there, but the surrounding neighborhoods want open space and badly needed parks.  Read the actual Land Use Request here.   The Portland Land Use Hearings Officer has recommended that City Council deny the zoning change request to Industrial, and supports keeping the zoning as Open Space (See Page 10 of his recommendation).  Tonight, it's a City Council Agenda Item.  Listeners weigh in.

2) Bolivia is erupting into chaos!  Does Anybody Care?

3) Our Banking System is in a state of collapse!  Does Anybody Care?

4) The GOP, fair and balanced as they are, have proposed using mortgage foreclosure lists to challenge people at the voting poles.  This means that if you've lost your house in the recent mortgage industry meltdown, the Republicans don't want to let you vote, as you no longer "live" at your registered address, and are probably a Democrat.  Obama's campaign is suing.  Listeners weigh in.

5) The US, the worlds most prolific Arms Dealer, is selling Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel.  Listeners weigh in.


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