The Politics of Living - Episode 6

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Wed, 08/02/2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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August 2, 2017

  •  "Life should be an adventure": Comic Sharon Lacey shares her journey of reimagining her work - from media to teaching to comedy.   Sharon discusses her fear of Alzheimer's, her personal challenge not to waste a single moment, and her brand of motivational humor with contributing producer Inessa Anderson.
  • The She-Ra Solution, August 2017 - Kristin Thiel reveals the real creator of the game Monopoly - Lizzie Magie Phillips, and the woman who helped give birth to the Pill - Katharine McCormick.   
  • Rebecca Gummere, self-professed 'professional wonderer', is chronicling a cross-country trip on her blog.  Travelling by RV, Rebecca stopped in Portland in June, and met with executive producer Dennise Kowalcyk to discuss her journey.  
  • Local singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor Brown performs "This Bird".  Contributer Darka Dusty interviewed Rachel about her creative process and her writing.  Read the full interview here.   Rachel will be releasing a new album sometime this fall and you can check out more of her music by visiting her website at





Host:  Dennise Kowalczyk

Producers:  Inessa Anderson & Dennise Kowalczyk

Executive Producer: Dennise Kowalczyk

Music Director: Darka Dusty

Editor: Liam Delta

Web: Vicky Mazzone


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