Munitions Used by Local Cops on June 4

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Thu, 06/22/2017 - 5:00pm to 5:15pm

On June fourth, Portland Police and other law enforcement agencies swept hundreds of protesters out of Chapman Square in Downtown Portland. The protesters were there to counter a right-wing rally in Terry Schrunk Plaza.

KBOO has been reporting on the clearance and its aftermath over the past two weeks. Reporter Sam Bouman has this update on the weapons used by police during the sweep.

Here is the full text of Sgt. Simpson's description of munitions used, including links to the retailers' and/or manufacturers' websites:

"During the June 4 protest, the following riot control agents munitions were deployed by PPB, MCSO, and OSP:

Rubber Ball Distraction Device, aka “Stingballs” (live w/rubber pellets and inert – noise and flash only)

40mm Impact Munition

FN 303 – projectiles & pepperball

Aerial Distraction Device (ADD – aerial “flash” and “bang”)

Additionally, pepper spray was deployed.

Sergeant Peter Simpson"



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