Radio Free Palestine: 69 Years of Nakba

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Mon, 05/15/2017 - 10:00am to 10:00pm
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Here are the archives from the special day of programming:

--7am The Armenian Genocide (107 years), the ethnic cleansing of northern Syria, the Balfour Declaration and Sykes-Picot (100 years), the creation of Saudi Apartheid (85 years), the Nakbah and creation of Israeli Apartheid (69 years). (LIVE FROM CKUT with AsadAbukhalil,KhatchadourKhatchadourian)

Hour 1

--8am The Wahhabi-Ikhwani-Zionist alliance from the Tripartite Aggression (61 years), the Naksah (50 years) to the Arab-Autumn and the war on Syria. (LIVE FROM CKUT with Max Blumenthal)

Hour 2

--9am Apartheid and Ethnic cleansing: historical timeline from Turtle Island (375 Montreal and 150 Canada) to South Africa and Palestine (100 Balfour and 69 Nakbah) (LIVE FROM CKUT with Dr. Roland Chrisjohn,Ali Abunimah and Yves Engler)

Hour 3

--10am Anti-Imperialism, Anti-colonialism, the third world movement and Palestine; historical perspectives. (LIVE FROM CKUT with Jooneed Khan)

Hour 4

--11am Black Lives Matter, Idle No More and Palestine; the new anti-imperialism. (Jodi Voice Yellowfish, conversation between Omar Barghouti and Nyle Fort)

Hour 5

--12pm World Music and Palestine (2hrs) (LIVE FROM CKUT, hosted bySundusAbdul Hadi andRusula Salam)

Hour 6

Hour 7

--2pm Palestinian Prisoners, the Hunger Strike and historical conditions (Produced by IMEMC and KBOO)

Hour 8

--3pm BDS and ending Israeli Apartheid in the academy and beyond (LIVE FROM CKUT with Jamal M. Juma', Dr Michelle Hartman,Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, John Philpot - BDS-Q)

Hour 9

--4pm Arab liberation and Palestine (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen and the fight against Wahhabism and Zionism. (LIVE FROM CKUT with Rania Khalek and Mnar Muhawesh)

Hour 10

--5pm France, Quebec, Montreal and Palestine + French hour of news and interviews from Palestine. (LIVE FROM CKUT with Imen Hab - BDS-France, Zahia El-Masri & Lorraine Guay - BDS-Quebec)

Hour 11

--6pm LGBTQ & Women and Children’s voices/issues from Palestine (LIVE FROM CKUT with Palestinian Children in studio)

Hour 12

Description of special:

On Monday May 15th, 2017 KBOO is collaborating with a dozen other radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe and Palestine for a special 12-hour broadcast – Radio Free Palestine – reflecting on six decades of displacement. This will be available on KBOO’s second stream – on our website only.

Join us as we reflect on the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, or the Palestinian catastrophe. We will bring you the voices of those who will never forget -- from Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, to 1948-Palestine, and around the world. From 10 am to 10 pm, Radio Free Palestine will amplify the voices of those whose will is to resist, and whose wish is to return.

This broadcast is hosted by CKUT in Montreal, Canada, with participation by the International Middle East Media Center in Beit Sahour Palestine, CKDU in Halifax, CFRC in  Kingston Ontario, CILU in Thunder Bay, CFUV in Victoria, WPFW in Washington DC, KPFK in Los Angeles, KPFA in Berkeley, Radio Resonance in London, and of course your home grown community station in Portland Oregon KBOO.

Check out more information on Radio Free Palestine on May 15th.

The audio below is for the one hour produced by KBOO for this collaborative broadcast. The topic is Palestinian prisoners and the hunger strike.



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