Cacao and Fruit Tree Propagation

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Wed, 03/15/2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Interviews with Sebastian Cisneros of Cocanu and Joanie Cooper from the Home Orchard Society

Like many people, I have an obsession with chocolate. Recently, obsession has extended to the main ingredient in chocolate: cacao. This month, I have Sebastian Cisneros, owner of Cocanú, on the Food Show to talk about chocolate making and cacao. I'll also be featuring a short interview with Hector Jesus Flores Michel that I recorded outside of his shop, Mexicolate, in San Pancho, Mexico.

I'll also be talking with Joanie Cooper, president of the Home Orchard Society. This weekend the HOS will be hosting their annual Fruit Propagtion Fair where you can pick up scions from many varieties of fruit trees as well as talk with knowledgeable orchardists from around the state.

As always, I'll be talking about tasks in the garden with Marisha Auerbach from Permaculture Rising. Marisha is just getting back from a teaching trip she took to sunny Belize!

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