Salt of the Earth

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Thu, 02/23/2017 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Jenn Chavez talks with organizers of a screening of Salt of the Earth for The Film Show on KBOO
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S.W. Conser talks with Shut Up Anthony director Kyle Eaton on The Film Show on KBOO Radio
Filmmakers and film scholars join us in the studio


Produced at the height of the Hollywood Red Scare by blacklisted filmmakers, 1954's Salt of the Earth is a groundbreaking drama that highlights the roles of Latina women and striking mineworkers.  Jenn Chavez talks with the organizers of an upcoming event at the Hollywood Theatre about the continuing relevance of this neorealist classic.

Then, S.W. Conser is joined by visting artists from the Cascade Festival of African Films, continuing its run with a playwriting series, Saturday social hours, musical performances, Family Film Day, and Women Filmmakers' Week.

And we'll also hear about the new "micro-budget" feature film Shut Up Anthony from local director Kyle Eaton.

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