Old Mole Variety Hour for May 12, 2008

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Sun, 05/11/2008 - 5:00pm

 This program features music by the Rice Workers Choir of Novi Di Modena, songs sung by women workers who organized to achieve the first 8-hour day. Also discussed are the rising costs of food, Mothers' Day as part of the Peace Movement, and Christian fundmentalism in the  US military.  Hear the whole show, hosted by Bill Resnick, by clicking the arrow above.  Or hear  individual pieces going to their links below.In these first four segments, you can hear the music  of  Novi Di Modena and a discussion of their music by Italian scholar  Clarissa  Clo.1. Music in the Rice Fields 12.  Music in the Rice Fields 23. Music in the Rice Fields 34.  Music in the Rice Fields--and some history 45.  The Well-read Red: Mothers' Day and  the Peace Movement6.  Christian Fundamentalism in the US Military 

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