Activists Call to End Trapping Program: Response to Sea Lion Killings

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Sun, 05/04/2008 - 5:00pm

 The endangered Steller sea lion was among six sea lions found Sunday May 4th on the Oregon Columbia river  shot to death in an unauthorized killing. Three elephant seals were found shot to death in California the day before.  Seven  California sea lions  were trapped April 24, and one died before being transferred to Sea World Park. A Humane Society court challenge has temporarily stalled any further killings.The Portland Animal Defense League and Stumptown Earth First  held a protest today against the illegal trapping and killing  of sea lions at Bonneville Dam.Inde Skies with Stumptown Earth First spoke to kboo from the protest:  In response to the killing of the sea lions, activists have called for an end to the federal trapping program, which they say encourages vigilante hunters. 

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