Analyst Phyllis Bennis on Petraeus' Statement

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Mon, 04/07/2008 - 5:00pm

  General David Petraeus said today that he wants the US army to stay in Iraq at least another year.Petraeus told two Senate committees that last year's influx of 30 thousand troops in Iraq had helped calm some of the sectarian violence.  This is the first time in seven months that the General in charge of the US occupation of Iraq has testified to Congress.  Under his proposal, as many as 140-thousand troops could be in Iraq when voters head to the polls this fall, and the ten-billion dollar a month pricetag of the war would continue indefinitely.KBOO spoke with political analyst Phyllis Bennis about today's statement by Petraeus. She agrees that the level of violence is down, but says that this is not because of the surge in US troops: 

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