Old Mole Variety Hour for March 31, 2008

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Sun, 03/30/2008 - 5:00pm

 This show is hosted by Luz María Gordillo and features discussions of the WTO (how it works and whom it favors), a novel about a  tough childhood called Before Women Had Wings, and how drug and immigration policies lead to racial profiling.  To hear the whole show, click on the arrow above.  To hear individual pieces, click on their links below.Kboo and the  Old Mole need your support to keep on digging!  Please contribute!  Please click right now on the "Join Now!"  button at the top of this page!1.  All About the WTO: How it works and for whom--Bill Resnick talks with Mary Bottari  of Global Trade Watch.  2.  Before Women Had Wings;  our book mole Larry Bowlden  discusses  Connie May Fowler's  novel.  3.  Luz María Gordillo and Clayton Mosher  discuss drug policies, immigration, policing, and racial profiling as they affect Mexican immigrants.

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