Positively Revolting on 06/17/16

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Fri, 06/17/2016 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Thoughts on homophobia, gun violence, toxic masculinity, intersectionality, racism, islamophobia, and more.

Rocked by the heaviness and outrages of the last few weeks, Lyn and Ani make room for a community discussion.

The recent mass shooting at an LGBTQ disco during Latin@ night is horrifying.  And as horrifying as it is, it's also really complicated, and deserves a pause for some analysis beyond knee-jerk reactive Islamophobia.

 If Omar Mateen was struggling with his own sexuality, what does that have to say about how members of LGBTQIA (queer) community are still villified and demonized?

Why is it so painful to come out to oneself, still? How can we actually make strides to change that?

Why did Mateen choose to shoot up the disco on Latin@ night?  

Why does anyone need an AR 15? Especially a man described as having anger outburst issues?

What about his history of violence against his ex-wife?

And beyond these questions, all of which may not have answers, this is a time to express ourselves, our pain, our sorrow, our fears, our anger, and our love.

This is Portland's Pride weekend, it's also the Delta Park Powwow, and the Juneteenth celebration. As we come together in our communities to bond, celebrate, mourn, and to deepen our connections, please remember to reach out to one another in love.  

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