Tariq Ali on Rage, Rebellion, Organizing Our Power

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Tue, 06/07/2016 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Tariq Ali on Rage, Rebellion, Organizing Our Power


Stage and Studio is off today. Instead we hear a program from the recent 2016 Left Forum

Rage, Rebellion, Organizing Our Power was the theme of the 2016 Left Forum held in New York City. Tariq Ali, British Pakistani writer, journalist, and filmmaker addressed the conference.  "We are witnessing a radicalization of young people in most countries in Europe today" explains Tariq Alli. The anger on the streets attracting huge numbers of people in the U.S.. and in Europe reflects demands for a public health system, free education, cheap homes, and railways and utilities which are not privatized. Ali says what we are seeing is a hollowing out of the democratic process, where elites don't need to prove that they are democrats anymore. "Gone are the days of the Cold War where when the idea of giving more space to dissidents and the media was necessary to show the Communist world look we are better than you. They don't need to prove it and when there is resistance they try to crush it immediately."  

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